About Seb

The young Zurich-based singer-songwriter Seb Lorez has spent the last two years making a name for himself throughout Switzerland. In 2019, he released his debut album Slide Away, played the club scene and opened James Morrison‘s concert at the Volkshaus in Zurich. Seb, a versatile and highly experimental musician in a constant state of evolution, possesses a contagiously relaxed aura. Whether they’re done in a surf rock or 80s style, Sebs sophisticated compositions are always delivered with a groovy pop vibe.
As a teenager, Seb Lorez played the drums for two Punk bands. He wrote songs for them and he instantly got addicted when he performed in front of an audience for the first time. On the way to finding his voice, he experimented with sounds and gained experience from live performances.
His songs have also made it to Spotify playlists such as «Van Life» and «New Music Friday», and was nominated as a finalist in the M4Music Demotape Clinic. Inspired by the moment, the past, and the future, he tells stories about day-to-day experiences as well as unique life encounters. Seb Lorez translates tears and laughter in all its forms into music.
In 2021, he started with the release of the EP, «Shift», where he proves that he can’t be easily dismissed. On the 6-song album, he shows his versatility by singing soft ballads while also giving off summer feels with his other songs like his current single, «Don’t You Ever Change», which was released in May. In July, he launched his latest single, «Strawberry Jam», an audio-visual journey in which Seb deals with thoughts and questions that consume him and one thing is clear: we have an artist of great caliber maturing here.